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Catfishing Myths What You Shouldn't Believe

While catfishing is popular there are still some things about the activity that many people are not completely knowledgeable about. There are various catfishing myths that people still believe, including the catfishing myths about how catfish are in physical appearance and their qualities and catfishing myths on times when it is best to find them. However, these are all not true.


The first of the catfishing myths to look into involves that of catfish being slow. This is not the case. Catfish can be especially agile and will accurately attack their prey swiftly. Because the body of a catfish is sleek the fish can achieve higher speeds when hunting for another fish.

Another of the catfishing myths states that catfish have not evolved well over time. However, nearly a tenth of all species of fish belong in the catfish family, meaning that the catfish is especially common and is found in many different styles. With these will groupings it is easy to see how well the catfish has survived over time.

Catfish are also known to be intelligent, contrary to popular belief. The instincts of catfish can help them to find other types of fish without being noticed by them.

One of the catfishing myths that can hinder efficiency in catfishing involves the type of bait to use. Some say that the smelliest of baits are more effective. However, catfish do not have the same kind of sense of smell that people have, so any kind of lure can be used for catfishing.

One of the catfishing myths that are especially common is that of catfish being venomous in their sting. Some catfish types, like the madtom, are venomous, but this is one of the catfishing myths that you don't need to follow for. However, most types of catfish are not poisonous. Some types can cause pain with their stings, but they will not cause any poison to be transferred to the person.

Most types of catfish do not feed on carrion like the more common of catfishing myths states. Live feed is preferred among most catfish, but bullheads will take carrion.

The last of the catfishing myths is that the best time to find catfish is in the start of the summer. While they are more active at this time the colder seasons are actually better times. This is because catfish need food to warm them at this time.

With these catfishing myths all taken care of it can be easier to go catfishing. While some still follow these catfishing myths, it is important to never assume what most people would say about catfishing, as catfish aren't slow, willing to take only the bottom level kinds of baits and aren't always easier to find in the summer.


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