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The Feeding Habits of Catfish

It is important to know the feeding habits of catfish in order to have a more successful catfishing trip. Catfish will feed on different kinds of foods and baits, and not every kind will take the same bait. Of course, there are some similarities to consider, including how catfish find food and what types they are more likely to find.


The feeds habits of catfish is similar in terms of types of catfish in that they all look for food by smelling. Sensory cells in the whiskers of catfish help them to find food. In fact, foods that stronger scents will be more likely to be found by catfish because it will be easier for them to detects these foods.

Also, catfish tend to be more active in looking for food at night. This is a better time for catfishing. While this is a common habit in terms of the feeding habits of catfish, different kinds of catfish will look for different kinds of foods.

The feeding habits of catfish are different based on what type of catfish it is. The channel catfish, for instance, will normally look for food at the bottom of the water bed, and they particularly feed on aquatic insects. Crayfish and crustaceans are also popular among channel catfish. Younger ones will eat aquatic larvae. Also, channel catfish do not particularly like carrion, contrary to what some believe.

The blue catfish will look for food at the bottom of the water bed most of the time. When looking for fish they'll move upward though. Since the blue catfish has a more advanced body type, they can take both fish and aquatic insects regardless of size. However, an adult will take in mussels and a younger one will use fish that is smaller.

The white catfish is more flexible, but the feeding habits of catfish like this are different. This type of catfish does not always eat at night, and it can also eat fish eggs and aquatic insects. They will also eat plants, which makes their habits different from the other feeding habits of catfish.

Bullhead catfish are more of scavengers. Yellow ones will feed on snails and some organic decay, while brown bullhead catfish will take carrion, smaller fish and worms. These catfish are not necessarily picky in terms of their feeding habits, as they will take the lower level kinds of foods without argument.

The flathead catfish is the last type of catfish to look at. It has more of a predatory feeding habit when compared to the other feeding habits of catfish. They will feed on all kinds of fish in their areas, as they are hunters. They'll feed at the shallow parts of water in the nighttime, and they will go in groups to find food. They particularly like bass, shad and crayfish, but they will also feed on other catfish.

These kinds of catfish are different in that they have their own unique feeding habits. By knowing the feeding habits of catfish it will be easier to find them.


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