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The Size of Catfish - Not Every One is Alike

There are many different types of catfish out there in the waters. People who are looking to go catfishing for food will want to get the largest fish possible so that they can feed themselves and their families. Here's a look at the different sizes of catfish.


The size of catfish can be especially smaller for certain kinds of catfish. The channel catfish, for instance, weights around two to four pounds on average. However, some larger ones can weigh up to forty pounds. It is easy to catch their type of catfish, and the size of catfish like this can help to make it easy. Also, it is best when the water it is in is clean, so that its meat can be tender and sweet tasting.

The blue catfish is another type that can be large. In fact, the size of catfish like this can is the largest among all kinds of catfish. The largest of blue catfish can be up to fifty five inches long, and it can weigh up to a hundred points. The meat of this kind of fish is known to be especially slight flavored.

The size of catfish can also be small. White catfish is smaller than the channel and blue catfish types, but the size of catfish like this can be larger than average. Most white catfish are less than three pounds in weight but some can be up to ten pounds. The meat of these fish is especially firm.

The bullhead catfish does not have the level of meat quality that the other types of catfish do, and the size of catfish like this is especially small. Yellow bullheads usually weight less than a pound, while a brown bullhead can weigh up to four pounds. Still, the meat quality is mediocre at best.

The last kind of catfish is the flathead catfish. Like the blue catfish, the size of catfish like this can be up to fifty five inches in length, and they can weigh over sixty pounds in many instances. Flathead catfish have a unique flavor, and it can taste even better and have greater meat quality when it is caught in cleaner water.

The size of catfish will vary greatly based on what type of catfish is being looked for. A new catfisher should look first for the smaller ones and then advance to the larger. However, the thrill of catching a larger catfish can be especially exciting, and it makes catfishing even more enjoyable. Still, be sure to watch for the size of catfish in areas where catfishing is popular so that the right materials can be gathered for it.


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